Travel Guidelines

  • These travel guidelines have been crafted to ensure the smooth and safe running of the Peace Bus for participants, leaders, families and organizers and to facilitate the best possible experience for everyone. By agreeing to participate in Peace Bus, you agree to adhere to this travel policy.
  • All travel and insurance must be arranged by the Travel Coordinator. Delegates must book Peace Bus travel with Peace Bus travel coordinator Alison Hastings (1-888-953-7866 or 250.953.5734). She will book travel in accordance with the Peace Bus travel dates.
  • delegates may arrive by airplane, train, bus or car. Heck, a la Dr. Seuss, “You can go on stilts. You can go by fish. You can go in a Crunk-Car If you wish. If you wish. You may go By lion’s tale. Or stamp yourself And go by mail.”
  • Delegates may use travel points to purchase flights selected by the travel coordinator.
  • As insurance is an important part of risk management, participants & leaders need to be covered for trip cancellation/trip interruption + out of province medical insurance. Participants & leaders must either purchase the Manulife World Travel Insurance Youth Policy (at an approximate cost of $64 for $1,000 trip cancellation coverage) from the travel coordinator or provide  her/him with the details (company name, policy number) of existing coverage for the Peace Bus period plus three days (in case of travel delays) that matches the Manulife coverage:
    • Emergency Medical Up to $1,000,000
    • Air Flight Accident Up To $25,000
    • Worldwide Accident Up to $10,000
    • Baggage and Personal Effects Up to $500
    • Delayed Luggagee Up to $100
    • Delayed Sporting Equipment Up to $150
    • Trip Cancellation Up to the Sum Insured
    • Trip Interruption Unlimited (Economy)
  • Circumstances beyond the control of the CISV Canada Peace Bus committee (ie extreme weather, engine trouble, etc.) may result in delegates leaving or returning on dates other than those indicated on the itinerary by up to a few days, so families should plan their summers accordingly. In other words, don’t plan on leaving for a trip abroad the day after your child’s return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use the CISV Peace Bus travel coordinator?

It is required to book travel & insurance through the travel coordinator to ensure that the delegates arrive where & when they are supposed to. There have been problems in the past. The travel coordinator can try to book delegates on the same itinerary, where possible, so that they can get to travel together and make it easier for the Peace Bus leaders to pick up & drop off the youth to the airport.

Why do we need to purchase insurance?

Insurance is an important part of risk management. If a person from one province was hospitalized in another province, the basic medical up to the amount covered in the home province would be looked after. Ambulance, dentistry, physio, nor the cost of a flight home would not be covered.

Can we use our personal insurance?

If the participant/leader is already covered by a Manulife World Travel Insurance Youth Policy  or other policy that matches the Manulife coverage (as above), it can be used. Please provide the travel coordinator with the policy details (company name & contact information, policy number) and send your child on the trip with a copy of these details.

Can my child arrive/depart on a different date?

We understand that sometimes there are unavoidable conflicts in life and, for extenuating circumstances, we can be a bit flexible, so long as it does not negatively impact the trip nor your child’s safety. We want to make sure that all delegates arrive/leave at a time that works for the trip logistics and as close as possible to each other, timewise, to make it easier for the Peace Bus staff or local chapter members to pick them up from or drop them off at the airport, train or bus station.

Delegates can arrive/depart a day or so early due to extenuating circumstances (ie a final exam) if and only if:

  • they have plans for pick-up or drop-off and a homestay, if arriving early or departing late;
  • it is acknowledged that neither CISV Canada, the local CISV chapter, the Peace Bus committee nor Peace Bus staff are responsible for your child’s welfare if they arrive early or depart late;
  • pre-arrangements (including travel details, names & contact information of person with whom they are staying, etc) have been approved by the Peace Bus risk manager.

I want someone to pick up my child from the Peace Bus trip. Is this allowed?

CISV Canada’s Peace Bus leaders are responsible for the safety of the youth on the program from the time the child gets off the plane at the start destination until the child gets on the plane at the end destination. If the custodial parent(s) give written, detailed consent ahead of time, their child can be released to the care of a responsible adult who can show government-issued photo identification matching the information in the written consent.