Media / Press Coverage

We want to share this enthusiasm and the mission of what Peace Bus is, with more people!

Could you contact your local press/media and tell them about Peace Bus to see if they want to do a story on us?

Let your leaders know when/how/who you contact the media, as they will be keeping track of progress so we know what places haven’t been contacted. Please keep your leaders in cc if you e-mail them.
It can be a newspaper clip, a radio interview, a TV interview… options are limitless!

I have attached some examples of press coverage that has happened in the past. There’s also the story in the The Record in New Hamburg, and a TV special, and a CBC radio interview.

The schedule will be posted as soon as available so that media can find when the Peace Bus will be near them, and they can grab some quotes, and take a group photo.

Often news crews like to take the angle of ‘look what this kid from our town is a part of this summer’, and so they will focus more on the local delegate. This is a great experience for the delegates to get to experience talking with the media.

The Peace Bus likes media exposure because it :

  • promotes CISV and the Peace Bus, attracting new members
  • promotes the values of diversity, human rights, sustainability and conflict resolution, therefore promoting PEACE
  • gives the delegates the experience of speaking to the media, as this is a useful skill to have

You can send media links to our website CISV Peace Bus  and have them read our Mission and Objectives, and become a fan of our PeaceBus fan page on Facebook.

You can send them the following information, with your own personalized note asking if they would like to meet the Peace Bus and/or meet the local delegate for a story.

The Peace Bus consists of two 39 day cross-Canada journeys in a 15 passenger van for 12 delegates (14-18 yrs), 1 junior leader (19+) and two leaders. During the trip, the group volunteers in communities, visits local CISV chapters, engages in educational projects, participates in team building activities and learns about Canada, all while lodging at CISV family homes and camping in breathtaking national parks.


Peace Bus Mission Statement

The Peace Bus is a CISV Canada program of Canadian youth traveling across the country, that educates and inspires through experiential learning and volunteering to create a more peaceful world. This is accomplished through new knowledge and insights gained while focusing on the four pillars of CISV: human rights, sustainability, diversity, and conflict resolution.

Peace Bus Objectives


  • educate on the CISV pillars of human rights, sustainability, diversity, and conflict resolution through experiential learning and opportunities for delegates to reflect on their choices and activities in these areas
  • give delegates a perspective of Canada relating to the four pillars, and enable them to reflect on how their country supports and / or contests the pillars
  • promote volunteering and volunteerism in local communities and non-profit organizations
  • build youth skills including organization, leadership, hospitality, compromising, managing conflict, and basic skills of cooking, cleaning, camping and healthy meal planning
  • inspire youth action, empower delegates to become better global citizens and to reflect on their situations of privilege
  • engage delegates’ reflection on what their local culture is, why it is important for their identity, and how to share it with others


  • show Canadian communities an example of positive youth engagement
  • benefit community organizations through group volunteering, and opportunities for possible continued youth volunteering


  • make connections and create unity between the Canadian CISV Chapters
  • promote CISV and its values and goals to potential youth delegates, families, leaders, the media and communities across Canada


Some examples of media exposure about Peace Bus

Westbound 2013 

Westbound 2013 CBC Radio Interview 

TV Interview in New Hamburg

Peace Bus in Redversk, Sk