2016 Peace Bus Tentative Schedule

– as a planning guide:  for 2017, will change for dates and based on location of delegates, projects, etc.


Arrival Time Location Departure Time
25-Jun various Victoria-  29-Jun 9:15 AM
29-Jun 5:00 PM Vancouver 2-Jul early
2-Jul Revelstoke KOA 3-Jul 8:30 AM
3-Jul Lake Louise and Banff- visit, tour, hike? 3-Jul 3:45 PM
3-Jul 5:30 PM Calgary / Cochrane 7-Jul 10:00 AM
7-Jul 12:00 PM Pinter’s Campground, Drumheller 8-Jul 11:00 AM
8-Jul 5:00 PM Saskatoon-  10-Jul 8:30 AM
10-Jul 7:00 PM Meadowlark Trailer Park, Brandon, MB (stop in MooseJaw enroute) 11-Jul 7:30 AM
11-Jul 10:15 AM Winnipeg for 10:15; Rock Garden Campground,  12-Jul 9:30 AM
12-Jul 4:30 PM Davy Lake Campground & Resort, Ignace, ON 13-Jul 9:30 AM
13-Jul 5:30 PM Neys Lunch and Campground (W of Marathon)  14-Jul 9:30 AM
14-Jul 5:30 PM Serpent River Campground, 4696 hwy 17W, spragge;  15-Jul 9:30 AM
15-Jul 5:00 PM Happy Hearts Park, 93 Cape Hurd Rd., Tobermory (after ferry)  16-Jul 11:30 AM
16-Jul 2:00 PM Dunkeld/ Chepstow 17-Jul 1:30 PM
17-Jul 4:00 PM Waterloo 18-Jul 5:30 PM
18-Jul 6:30 PM Waterloo- 20-Jul 9:30 AM
20-Jul 11:30 AM Niagara Falls 20-Jul 1:30 PM
20-Jul 4:00 PM Toronto-  23-Jul 10:00 AM
23-Jul 4:00 PM Ottawa-  24-Jul 2:45 PM
24-Jul 5:15 PM Going to La Conception  26-Jul 11:00 AM
26-Jul 6:30 PM to Montreal (2 hrs from la conception (leave at 11, arrive 1, eat en route); then 3 hr drive montreal to Quebec City (leave around 2:45, arrive 6-6:30)- take in Cirque du soliel show.) Levis KOA?? 27-Jul 9:30 AM
27-Jul 4:30 PM Glassville, NB- Fallsbrook 28-Jul 10:30 AM
28-Jul 3:30 PM Bay of Fundy (low tide at arrival in PM- walk on ocean floor BEFORE supper and tents; pack up early- high tide at 8:30 AM) 29-Jul 9:30 AM
29-Jul 12:15 PM Pugwash- Thinker’s Lodge – *** (eat while driving- prep before leaving campground in AM) 29-Jul 2:00 PM
29-Jul 4:00 PM Halifax-


Download 2015 Peace Bus Westbound Schedule.  2018 will likely be similar for cities and timing (nights in an area), depending on delegates and plans.   Will be uploaded closer to trip dates, to reflect planning of delegates and leaders.  Similar to Eastbound in reverse. 🙂