Food during homestays/billeting

Delegate host families generally provide meals to the Peace Bus delegation while they are in their town, and often one bagged lunch as the delegation leaves.

Billeting and home cooked meals allows the delegation to sample regional food specialties or multicultural dishes from the host’s culture and allows for leaders to schedule a break from organizing meals while on the road.

Dietary restrictions/allergies

  • If you are a homestay family for Eastbound 2014, please read Eastbound 2014 Food Restrictions, especially the part about the Peace Bus carrying its own gluten-free cereals,crackers, pasta/noodles and bread, and Eastbound 2014’s Schedule as it includes the where and how of meals in the right column.
  • While you can make one meal with meat for most of the group, and then mini-meals for those with certain dietary restrictions, one suggestion is to make the entire meal simpler, while suiting all dietary restrictions. For example, if you have a person who is gluten and lactose intolerant, a vegan, a vegetarian, an only gluten-free and 8 non-restricted eaters, a bean chili over rice, cut-up veggies with dip, and cheese on the side and fruit for dessert will meet everyone’s requirements and will mean only cooking one affordable healthy meal.
  • What do we do for gluten-free people? Let us assure you that the gluten-freers have not chosen to go gluten-free because it is “in” or “cool”, but because gluten is causing health problems. We know making gluten-free food may present a challenge, however, it’s a condition that is becoming more and more common, so why not educate yourself on it?  Check out Mayo Clinic’s advice on gluten-free. And if you have more questions, contact your leaders.

Other important info:

  • To find out which meals you are responsible for as a homestay, check Eastbound 2014 Schedule
  • Please do not buy disposable water bottles. Each delegate will have their own reusable water bottle to keep in line with our sustainability theme. Bottled water is expensive, creates garbage, is less clean than tap water, and contributes to the corporatization of water. If you’re not convinced that not buying bottled water is important, Read More.
  • Please do not buy disposable cutlery or dishes . If you do not have enough reusable cutlery and dishes, let us know and we will be very happy to bring in our abundant supply of reusables from the van. Not using disposable cutlery and dishes helps us support our sustainability pillar and helps us “walk the talk.” We realize this means that there will be more dishes to wash, that’s ok, Peace Bus delegates are excellent dish-washers.
  • Help us make healthy food choices. A pattern Peace Bus has noticed is that every host family wants to smother us with comfort food like pizzas, cakes, cookies, home-baked goodies, and breakfasts of sweet muffins and cinnamon rolls. If possible, help us make better choices and model healthy eating by offering us more nutritious choices. We love vegetables, fruits, whole grains
  • Vegetables are naturally vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free and fruit makes an excellent dessert!
  • Breakfasts can be easy and cheap. The Peace Bus will be travelling with healthy breakfast cereals
  • Chapter dinners: In most chapters, one dinner is usually at a Chapter-sponsored meet and greet/potluck/BBQ.
  • Cost: If feeding the Peace Bus presents a financial hardship, the homestay family should contact the leaders well in advance and an alternative arrangement can be made.
  • Food while camping: While camping, the leaders and delegates will buy groceries with Peace Bus money and cook their own meals. Peace Bus meal budget will avoid being used for food that are high in fat, sugar, salt, or highly processed. Camping meals will be made with delegate input and help. Meals will be made considering: dietary needs, budget, time, health, and learning. The Peace Bus is equipped with a portable fridge and a Coleman Stove.
  • Extra food while camping: If you have friends or family who would like to provide the Peace Bus with a snack or a meal, who are live in places where there are not homestays (especially between Saskatoon and Toronto), please inform your leaders. This is greatly appreciated because arranging meals while camping is very time and energy-consuming.
  • Delegates will never have to buy food during Peace Bus. However, often delegates choose to use their own money to buy candy, chips, pop etc. during the trip as these items will not be purchased with Peace Bus funds.

Please ask your leaders if you have questions regarding food during homestays.