The CISV Peace Bus is a unique programme that engages families as youth travel across Canada. The youth are hosted by local families at their stops at local CISV Chapters throughout the country.

The families of Peace Bus delegates are asked to support the programme with time and energy including:

  • in the planning stage by

    • getting involved with the local CISV chapter,

    • supporting youth in planning a local itinerary (City Planning Form);

    • helping to find appropriate local home stays for 1-3 nights’ accommodation (with Criminal Record Check for all people 18 years+);

    • organizing a volunteer project for the visit our chapter

  • hosting the Peace Bus participants when they are visiting your community

  • after the program by adhering to the participant & leader follow-up and volunteer policies and:

    • completing the Peace Bus Survey;

    • purchasing carbon offset for the participant’s personal travel to & from the Peace Bus program;

    • supporting delegates to do a Peace Bus presentation to your CISV Chapter and/or another group (school, church or youth group);

    • volunteering the following year by becoming their chapter’s Peace Bus coordinator or participating in the Peace Bus planning committee