Food restrictions and allergies

Trip Name Chapter Type of participant Allergies / Food restrictions
2014 Eastbound M/F/O
1 F Fredericton Delegate none
2 F Calgary Delegate dogs, dust
3 F Victoria Delegate horses,cats, pollen -takes antihistamines for this
4 F Halifax Delegate none
5 M Halifax Delegate cats
6 M Ottawa Delegate none
7 M Toronto Delegate none
? ? ? ? ? ?
8 F Ottawa Delegate sensitivity to shellfish
9 M Montreal Delegate none
10 F Victoria Delegate none
11  F Waterloo Delegate none
JUNIOR LEADER F Ottawa Junior Leader gluten-free, dairy-free***
LEADER F Leader low gluten, low dairy***
LEADER F Ottawa Leader gluten-free***

***In an effort to avoid food waste and reduce host family food costs, the Peace Bus will travel with the following gluten-free foods: cereal, crackers, noodles/pasta, and bread.

Mayo Clinic’s answer to What’s allowed if you’re gluten-free?