Edit: June 20th 3 PM EST- removal of pogo stick and skateboard from packing list

Edit: June 2nd, 2 PM EST – Peace Bus shirt and Tie-dye shirt info

Edit: June 1st, 8 PM EST – Peace Bus shirt and Tie-dye shirt

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Tie-dye shirt

  • Bring a white shirt/tank-top/t-shirt to tie-dye.

This shirt can then be used as the Peace Bus shirt (see below) if you want.

Recommended fabrics: 100% cotton or 50/50 blend work best for screen printing and dyeing.


Peace Bus Shirt

This year we’ll be taking an idea from Otesha, a sustainable biking tour group that some Peace Buses have visited in Ottawa, and we will be screen-printing our own shirts with the Peace Bus design, while in Victoria.
The ink on the shirt will most likely be WHITE or BLACK/DARK. The shirts will vary in color and style, so there will be no standard color Peace Bus shirt for 2014.

  • You can use your white tie-dyed shirt (see above) as a Peace Bus shirt, or you can bring a different shirt
  • You can bring a couple for your family members as well, IF they will actually wear them! Let’s not waste time and ink!

Recommended fabrics: 100% cotton or 50/50 blend work best for screen printing. Polyester quick-drying athletic shirts also print ok, but I don’t think they tie-dye well.

The point is that it’s a color and style that you like and will wear again, and that the shirt supports the sustainability pillar. Therefore we encourage you to bring a shirt you already own, use the inside of a shirt, or buy a shirt from a thrift store.

Peace Bus leaders will be printing some extra shirts for homestay families that do not have delegates on either bus, as a thank-you gift.



An example of Otesha t-shirts. Posted with permission.


Homestay gifts

To thank families that host us and leave them with a taste of Peace bus, we ask that each delegate bring 7-8 momentos/tokens/souvenirs from home. All 7-8 momentos can be exactly the same thing and can be inexpensive! Each place we stop, we will hand out one gift from 1-3 delegates as a thank-you. People really enjoyed this simple gesture and it allowed them to experience the diversity of Canada.

Homestay gifts should be:

  • small
  • light
  • not easily breakable
  • not spoilable
  • specific to your region/province
  • inexpensive 


  • postcards from your hometown
  • pack of thank you cards from a local artist
  • small carved figurines
  • cans of smoked salmon (East Coast)
  • mini-jars of regional jam wrapped in bubble wrap
  • key chain from your region
  • mini-cutting boards from a local artist

Not recommended: large, easily breakable, expensive, heavy items

Keep in mind that when we stop through your town, you can pick up more gifts to hand out. So if you’re from Winnipeg, you only need to bring 3-4 gifts, and then when we stay at your home, you can pick up the next 3-4 to give out in the East Coast.

Example of how homestay gifts work: After staying in Calgary, the group gets together, thanks the homestay family who housed all of us, and gives them one homestay gift from the Victoria delegate (small carved whale figurine), one from the Montreal delegate (Montreal postcard), and one from the Halifax delegate (lobster keychain).



When packing, remember that we change sleeping locations about 20 times during Peace Bus, so being able to carry your bag(s) without too much difficulty is important.

You need to be able to feel comfortable picking up and carrying all of your luggage for 100 meters.

Suitcase advice


-Maximum one large bag, one day-pack, one bag containing sleeping bag/mat


-large camping backpack with everything in it that you can strap on your sleeping bag/mat.


Please bring enough clothing to last for 10 days, as an opportunity to do laundry will be provided weekly!

Go for practicality, versatility and comfort. Every day will be filled with a variety of activities.

Clothing MUST

  • One white shirt (see Tie Dye Shirts and Peace Bus Shirts above)
  • Optionally one plain coloured shirt (see Peace Bus Shirts above)
  • Shirts
  • Pants (pants that can be rolled into shorts are great)
  • Shorts
  • Long sleeve shirt (ones that can be rolled into short sleeves are great)
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • One warm (fleece?) jacket
  • Shoes: Walking shoes or hiking boots, shower/swimming flip flops
  • Swim suit
  • Small swimming towel (can be same as bathing towel)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Pajamas
  • Rain coat (you will need it, it will rain)
  • A belt if you need one
  • Hair elastics

Other MUST:

  • A small day pack/purse/bag
  • A re-useable water bottle (preferably stainless steel ones)
  • *Emergency info card with: parent phone numbers, emergency contact numbers, and home address

Camping Equipment MUST:

  • Sleeping bag. This needs to be a legit sleeping bag, not your childhood Sponge Bob folded blanket. It should be one that can handle at least to 5C. Should be in a stuff sac/ something to keep it contained and small.
  • Sleeping pad: Self inflating Therma-rest, Foam pad, yoga mat-Something small and comfy. We will be doing a lot of camping!
  • A small camping pillow, or you can use clothes/jacket that can be stuffed into a pillowcase (good for long van rides, possibly inflatable)
  • Flashlight/headlamp

Toiletries MUST

  • Tooth brush, tooth paste, and floss
  • Small travel towel for showering!!! Something light that dries quickly. Ally uses a keffiyah which works great and can be wrung dry. You can use the same towel for swimming if you’d like.
  • Soap (soap can be stored in a sock to keep dry)
  • Shampoo / conditioner (no big bottles)
  • Deodorant
  • Glasses or contacts if needed
  • Necessary medications
  • Staple medications: gravol, advil, tylenol (whatever you’re used to using for headaches, etc)
  • Sunscreen
  • Feminine products (ladies be prepared, travelling in groups changes cycles)
  • Bug spray/After bite lotion


Optional Clothes:

  • Skirts or dresses (think practicality)
  • A bandana if you like (protects from the sun)

Optional Other

  • Ear plugs
  • Eye mask for sleeping
  • Maybe a small blanket (one that is not bulky…)
  • A journal to write in
  • Photo/Video Camera (if you’re worried about losing it, don’t bring it)
  • Materials for any activities you would like to run
  • A USB stick to trade photos/videos/music with
  • Some books/magazines to share and read
  • A game to play (small!)
  • Music (Instruments, recorded or impromptu)
  • Non-breakable mug/thermos
  • Cell phone (use will be restricted, but not prohibited unless it becomes a problem)
  • Something to do to keep you physically active e.g. jump rope, yoga mat, soccer ball, hacky sack, Frisbee
  • After-sun
  • Umbrella


Don’t need, not recommended

  • Cutlery and dishes (we have them) other than a hot beverage thermos
  • Laptop, expensive electronic equipment (can easily be broken, get wet etc.)
  • Fancy clothes, uncomfortable shoes, uncomfortable clothes
  • skateboard


Peace Bus alumni suggestions

  • lots of bug spray
  • toques for camping because it was cold