During all CISV Programmes and Activities in Canada:

  • drivers must be at least 19 if they have participants in the vehicle
  • drivers must hold a valid full drivers license (i.e. not a Learners or Probationary license) allowing driving in Canada
  • all vehicles must have proof of insurance and carry a minimum of $1M liability, and
  • Chapters should address liability and communication issues by adding to their membership formsĀ a check box with the following statement: “I understand ALL drivers carrying programme participants during scheduled CISV activities must be at least 19 and carry a full drivers license (not a Learners or Probationary license) and all vehicles must be insured for a minimum $1M liability. You may be required to show evidence of coverage.” NOTE: “during” is meant to be the time between the specified beginning and end of the programme or activity, as generally listed on the camp registration or Pre-Camp 1 forms.