Peace Bus Mission Statement

The Peace Bus is a CISV Canada program of Canadian youth traveling across the country, that educates and inspires through experiential learning and volunteering to create a more peaceful world. This is accomplished through new knowledge and insights gained while focusing on the four pillars of CISV: human rights, sustainability, diversity, and conflict resolution.

Peace Bus Objectives


  • educate on the CISV pillars of human rights, sustainability, diversity, and conflict resolution through experiential learning and opportunities for delegates to reflect on their choices and activities in these areas
  • give delegates a perspective of Canada relating to the four pillars, and enable them to reflect on how their country supports and / or contests the pillars
  • promote volunteering and volunteerism in local communities and non-profit organizations
  • build youth skills including organization, leadership, hospitality, compromising, managing conflict, and basic skills of cooking, cleaning, camping and healthy meal planning
  • inspire youth action, empower delegates to become better global citizens and to reflect on their situations of privilege
  • engage delegates’ reflection on what their local culture is, why it is important for their identity, and how to share it with others


  • show Canadian communities an example of positive youth engagement
  • benefit community organizations through group volunteering, and opportunities for possible continued youth volunteering


  • make connections and create unity between the Canadian CISV Chapters
  • promote CISV and its values and goals to potential youth delegates, families, leaders, the media and communities across Canada